Vortex Crusher stationary

Vortex the proven 3 in 1 principle = splitting, impacting, grinding, all in one machine. The Vortex crusher can be used as a primary, secondary or tertiary crusher. He was developed for different applications as hard rock, gravel or recycling,  the Vortex crusher is convinced in all requirements. See for yourself through a practical crushing test experience at the Vortex competence centre and test the crusher in different settings with your own material.


Vortex Crusher semimobil

The successful 3-in-1 principle is also available in a semimobile version. Suitable for changing locations and different requirements. The semimobile version is fitted with a large feed hopper, Vortex rotor crusher, discharge belt and control unit. Like the stationary version, the semimobile version can also be used as a primary, secondary or tertiary crusher. Come and experience the Vortex crusher live and see for yourself throught the with of range applications and the high cubic quality products.



trackEd mobile conveyors

With the high performance tracked mobile conveyors can you stockpiling on large volumes of material after the processing in a cost saving way. You don´t save only time and a wheel loader, but you also producing in a space- and energy-saving way. The high performance stockpiling conveyors can handle high capacities of up to 600t/h. Another important factor is, that the stockpiled materials are not be compressed. We offer the track mounted stockpile conveyors in various lengths (>30 metres) and discharge heights (>12.5m). Stockpile volumes up to 5,500 tonnes.


There are requirements or projects where can´t operate a tracked mobile conveyor economically. On these applications find our wheeled stockpile conveyors their used. They are flexible useful and can be deployed for a wide of application ranges. Especially in the range of sand/gravel, recycling or environmental technology, there are not application limits. We offer the wheeled conveyors in assorted lengths (12m-34m) and various specifications.



We offer high efficiency stationary static conveyors in various lengths (>30m) and specifications. The static stockpile conveyors are available in painted or galvanised versions and can be fitted on your application as required.


The proven robust static belt feed hoppers are a low maintenance construction for the  filling of bulk materials after the extraction. They can operate deployed in various sectors as sand/gravel, quarry or recycling. At the development and production has been consider on stability, wear protection, ease of maintenance and durability in order to ensure efficient and troublefree operation of the connected subsequent equipment.




The light waste floatation system to maximize recovery of recycled materials. The processing plant can be easily integrated into your existing processing concept and separates materials work in the "float-sink-process" reliable. The separation process is based on the basic various densitys of the feeding material. All in the feeding material contained light waste parts as plastic, wood, foils, polystyrene, foams, will be separated discharge. All non floating heavy materials will be apart through the conveyor belt. After the treatment process, you get a reusable material and save high waste management costs.



The simple mounting windsifter is using for removing "lights parts" from the "heavy material" and can be operated on each conveyor belt. The blower system is powered and comes with a adjustable stepless blower with which the air flow can be precisely adapted to the cleanse material. Through the controllable flap control on the discharge nozzle can be separate the light materials even more adjustable precisely from the heavier material.



The static dry screens are the classic solution when it comes to classifying bulk materials. We offer the free swinging screening machines in various lengths/widths. The screens are available as 2-deck or 3-deck version. For the dry screening process, are the screenboxes as standard fitted with steel woven meshs.



The static screenboxes can be used also for a washing process of bulk material. We offer the washing screens in different lengths/widths. The screeners are available as a 2-deck or 3-deck version. In the washing process are the screens as a standard fitted with spray bars and polyurethan meshs.